There will be one color laser multi-function center available for the market. This is to keep things simplified and will meet the needs of most users. The rationale for choosing a laser rather than an inkjet is the total cost of ownership. Rather than ripping off customers with inkjet cartridges, they pay a price for the printer, and a fair price for the toner cartridge. The printer will be able to do copies, faxes, printing and scanning. The system will have a 1Ghz CPU, 256MB of memory, and 1GB of storage. The owner will be able to interact with the printer via a 5″ 4:3 color touchscreen which will provide all of the options for the task at hand. Connections are through an RJ11 56k modem, RJ45-1GBPS network, and a WiFi-5 networking option. A front side USB-C port will allow for scan results to save to the thumb drive, as well as printing files from the thumb drive. There is a 25 page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) with a 25 page return tray. There is 1 250 page (25 envelopes) feed tray with options of adding 2 more trays for a maximum of 750 pages. The output tray can support 100 pages.

Duplex copies are possible through the Automatic Document Feeder. The copies can be black and white, or color, and up to 100 copies can be made at a time. All copies will output to the output tray, and any multiple page originals will go to the ADF return tray.

Faxes can be done through the 56kbps modem, or through the network cable for Fax Over IP capabilities. Incoming faxes can be collected, converted to PDF and emailed to a person. This will allow an instant electronic copy of the fax, and eliminate printing of junk faxes. The user can select duplex faxing, or single sided faxing.

Prints can be done either through a connected PC, or through a USB thumb drive. All prints are are at a resolution of 600×600, and duplex printing is default. Paper is collected from the paper tray and is returned in the output tray. Printing speed is 25ppm with the first page coming out in about 12 seconds.

Scans of single one sided documents can be placed on the glass for scanning to the PC that initiate the command, send to email, or scan as PDF to a thumb drive. For multiple pages or duplex scanning, the pages can be placed in the ADF. Scanning resolution is 1200×1200.