FSP OS will be a Debian based 64 bit OS which will be designed to integrate well with FSP PC’s Android devices. All of the features that one would expect from an OS will be in place as well as a number of other capabilities to enhance the experience. The following features will be available.


Assist is a program that will allow IT to manage and assist other users in fixing problem or resolving other issues, The owner of the system will still need to enter the SUDO password to handle some functions.


A calendar is important for professionals and non professionals alike. The calendar will allow the user to enter important events and sync those events to their handheld. The calendar will also be able to integrate with Google Calendars for those that will wish it.


A Contact Manager will handle the management of all contacts. This will include those on the PC, and many services such as Google Contacts, and Outlook.com. These contacts can be sent to a FSP Computer’s Handheld through Device Sync.

Device Sync

Any Android 8+ device with the respective app on the phone will be able to sync Calendars, Contacts, Media and many other files between the PC and handheld.

Drive and File Manager

A management tool will handle the two drives in the computer as well as any SDXC cards and external drives. The file manager will behave much like Windows file management tool with exception of the bugs.

Email Client

The email client can handle multiple IMAP and POP email services and will have default configurations for multiple common service providers. The email client will also work with the Contact Manager to make keeping in touch easy.


This feature is available on all FSP Computer devices. This will allow files to be sent to another FSP Computer device within Bluetooth range. Transfers take place over Wifi, and can be set to Self Only, Contacts, or Anyone.

Graphics / Photo Editor

This program will allow the user to edit graphic files and photos. This could include creating a graphic from scratch or working with existing photos. The graphics can then be stored in the user drive, or on an SD card.

Media Player

All work and no play makes for a dull worker. Therefore, there will be a media player that will support both audio and video. The player will also support multi level smart playlists. This will allow syncing with an FSP PC handheld.

Office Suite

While Libre Office is a fine office suite, one will be developed exclusively for FSP OS. This suite will support Open formats as well as MS Office Suites. One of the main advantages will be the creation and editing of Adobe PDF files.


This is FSP OS’ credential management tool. It works with the fingerprint reader to allow authentication quickly and easily. It also encourages strong passwords – therefore improving personal security.

Video Editor

For video professionals, a video editor is essential. This will have all of the required components to make a superb quality editor. The program will also be optimized to make use of the AMD graphics which is built into every FSP Computer.

Web Browser

FSP OS will have a web browser based off of Chromium. The benefit of the web browser will be integration with the password manager which is built into the OS.

Web Design Suite

A web design suite is important for web development professionals. This suite will allow the developer to create with WYSWYG capabilities. CSS sheets will be created automatically, and the developer will be able to access the .htaccess file. For non-professionals, one can link with their WordPress site to create their own pages and upload everything at one time.